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October 3rd, 2009

I’ve signed up to take an online embroidery class called Personal Library of Stitches, taught by Sharon Boggon. Sharon is a crazy quilter who writes at Pintangle. The class isn’t really about stitching — it’s about using design principals to explore stitches.

I’m looking forward to the class, although I am a bit dubious of how such a class will work. The classes are sent out by PDF, and there’s a private forum to get feedback from Sharon and from other class participants. The class starts Tuesday, and I’m spending some time this weekend buying supplies. It will be fun!

Redwork sampler

October 2nd, 2009

I am working on a redwork embroidery sampler. I’m not following any particular pattern — I’m just trying out a variety of stitches. I’m working from three different stitch dictionaries and picking stitches that seem to go together. I’m using back stitches and running stitches to define segments and to rest my fingers (and your eyes).

Redwork embroidery sampler

Here’s a list of the stitches I’ve used so far
1: back stitch
2: running stitch
3: back stitch
4: detached straight stitches, arranged like flower stems.
5: back stitch
6: half-cross stitch
7: chevron
8: half-cross, reversed
9: back stitch
10: fly stitch
11: cross stitch
12: detached straight stitches, stacked
13: back stitch
14: Bosnian stitch
15: sheaf stitch
16: back stitch
17: back stitch
18: straight stitch triangles (look at the left end of this row, I worked in the year, 2009)
19: Bosnian stitch, reversed
20: back stitch
21: St. George’s cross stitch
22: back stitch
23: herringbone
24: buttonhole stitch
25: ermine stitch
26: zipper stitch
27: cross stitch
28: holbein stitch
29: back stitch
30: detached straight stitches
31 (in progress): back stitch