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I dance badly

October 21st, 2007

I just got finished reading One Hundred Demons by Lynda Barry. This book isn’t new — it was published in 2002, and all the strips in the book have appeared before on Some additional artwork was created to introduce and conclude each bit. I checked the book out of the library because of this additional artwork — it’s mostly collage (perhaps digital collage, I’m not sure) using fabric, found objects, and various drawings. I read the book over dinner, then flipped back to the beginning and examined the artwork closely.

It’s a beautiful book.

There are some lovely thoughtful tidbits — I’ll probably read the book again before I return it, so that I can savor them. Here’s a favorite:

The groove is so mysterious. We’re born with it and we lose it and the world seems to split apart before our eyes into stupid and cool. When we get it back, the world unifies around us, and both stupid and cool fall away. I am grateful to those who are keepers of the groove. The babies and the grandmas who hang on to it and help us remember when we forget that any kind of dancing is better than no dancing at all.