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August 15th, 2007

I love tomatoes — but only the home grown, garden fresh kind. Except for the occasional grape tomato, I don’t eat them in winter at all, and even in summer I avoid commercial tomatoes. But garden fresh tomatoes are the best — I can (and have) been eating them for breakfast, lunch and dinner for weeks now.

I got just a bit carried away this summer, and planted 12 tomato plants for my husband and I. Even if we only get an average of 10 tomatoes per plant, that’s 120 tomatoes for 2 people. And it looks like we will get many, many more than that. Due to my foolish fear of spiders, I didn’t clear away a web from the top of the tomato cage of one of my plants, which resulted in only one bloom being pollinated (that’s right — I’m only getting 1fruit from that plant!), but the others appear to be yielding as many as 30 tomatoes so far, with more blooms still appearing. Whoa. That’s *a lot* of tomatoes!

So I was pleased to see that the Washington Post had an “Easy Tomato Recipe” contest. Here are the top 10 winners:
Caprese Granita
Nothing But Red Gazpacho
Tomato Frittata*
Tomato Shrimp Delight*
Fresh Tomato Sauce*
Grilled Tomatoes and Blue Cheese*
Chicken with Tomato Mascarpone Sauce
Filipino Stewed Tomatoes*
Tomato Sambal*
Pasta With Roasted Tomatoes*

* Indicates recipes I am likely to try.

My freezer will be bursting with tomatoes! Yay!