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June 28th, 2005

Up until very recently, podcasting has had no appeal to me. Sure, I think the idea is cool, but the podcasts I’ve listened to have been boring or trite or so unprofessional that they are barely listenable.

However, I met a very special podcast a few days ago, one that has completely captivated me with its charm, good looks and sweetness. It’s called Stories to Go, and it features published (so far) short stories read outloud — the very occassional mistakes and goofs of the readers are left unedited. The story selection is somewhat eclectic, but it’s interesting and fun. A new story is posted every other day, and I can’t wait for the next one.

(hint: if you run the recordings through Markable, you’ll have a bookmarkable file — because someone will always interrupt you, no matter how short the story is)


June 28th, 2005

To the extent that it is thought of at all, most people equate Mormon settlement of the West with Utah and Salt Lake City. However, there were large Mormon settlements all over the Southwest, many of which remain Mormon enclaves today — homogeneous enclaves, with little diversity of opinion, morality, religion or ethnicity.

This article from the Tucson Weekly examines one isolated Mormon enclave in St. David, Arizona. Due to sprawl emmanating from Tucson, the St. David School District is about to be flooded with non-Mormons. The district is facing 10-fold growth in the student population over the next decade, and district leaders are struggling with how to deal with the incoming tide of people different from them.

“What we’ll probably do is keep the current school in town as is and build a new high school in the outlying area. That will prevent overcrowding at the current site and will keep those kids from having to be bused.”

It will also prevent mingling of the old and new populations. The article is fascinating — how does an enclave respond to competition from the outside? how does it maintain its identity in the face of change?

One option — the nuclear option — is to turn the old high school into a charter school. This would let the more established Mormon community maintain control over the school and its character, while letting the larger district go its own course. This is, in my opinion, a good example of what’s wrong with the charter school movement — it allows the use of public money for private ends. And that’s just not a good idea.

Who knows?

June 28th, 2005

So for reasons that even I don’t understand, I’ve been bopping around the house singing Lady Marmalade lately. As a reference (for myself and my poor beleaguered husband who has had to listen to me), here’s a translation of the slang and French lyrics in that song — although I, of course, have been singing the Pattie Labelle version, not the Mya, Pink, Lil Kim, Christina and Missy Elliot version.


June 23rd, 2005

This Ancestry of George W. Bush is quite illuminating.

His parents were rich. His Grandparents were rich. His Great-Grandparents were rich. In fact, you have to go back 4 generations, to George W.’s Great-Great Grandparents, before you find some everyday folks — shopkeepers, farmers, a minister, a hotel keeper.

This is a very old issue, one that the media, voters and even the left have by now moved on from — but I find it useful to remind myself that our President is so far removed from the everyday lives of everyday people that you have to climb his family tree back to the 19th century before you find ordinary folks. He and his family are all about business — big business.


June 15th, 2005

There’s a helpful forum on the David Allen website, and my morning’s productivity (see below) just came to a screaching halt when I decided to look for “2 minute item” tips in the forum.

However, I did find a useful thread on this topic: Types of 2 Minute Tasks.


June 15th, 2005

This entry is mostly for me. It is 8am, and I want to make note of the number of things I have already done this morning that took less than 2 minutes: 11.

This is the hardest part of David Allen’s organization system for me to implement. I never do 2-minute items right away, and then they stack up and I feel like an idiot putting them on a todo list, because they are such little things. So I’m trying really hard to focus on 2-minute items this month and just do them!

Kicking, screaming

June 6th, 2005

I have finally been dragged into the IM era — if you’d like to chat, e-mail me for my IM screen name.

Insane in the meme-brain

June 1st, 2005

I was tagged by the latest book meme. Here are my answers:

Total Number of books I