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Drink it!

October 27th, 2004

A new study in the UK suggests that tea improves memory by inhibiting the action of certain enzymes that are associated with dementia and may interfere with memory even under normal conditions.

This study included both black and green teas — most studies include only green. As a confirmed black tea drinker, I’m happy to see black tea get some credit. I’ve long suspected that the health benefits attributed to green tea can probably be attriubted to black tea as well — it’s the same plant after all — but since black tea is studied less often, that’s just supposition. Black tea is more processed than green tea, so I would also expect that green tea is probably healthier, but that does not mean that black tea has no health benefits at all.

Now I can sip my estate Assam in peace, knowing that it not only keeps me awake, but it’s good for me! Uh, I forget, what was I doing just now?

I was going to, really I was

October 12th, 2004

I had planned on getting a flu shot this year. I even posted about it to hold myself accountable. However, because of the shortage of shots this season, I might not be able to get one — I am in a high risk category for flu, so I can probably still get one, but I’ll have to go out of my way to do so, and I’ll feel like a jerk because I don’t really feel all that high risk. I don’t want to take the shot of someone who really needs it.

Henry Miller has some suggestions for how to make the flu shots go farther, and how to reform the vaccine industry. I don’t anticipate anything coming of the current flu shot crisis, because that would require that our current administration care about and understand the prevention ethos of public health — but I sorely wish something would come of it. Not only will many needlessly die of flu this year, but they’ll also die of meningitis and other preventable diseases, all for want of an FDA approved vaccine.

No more tea

October 11th, 2004

Britain’s Ministry of Defence has asked its employees to count how many cups of coffee or tea they drink so that they may be charged for them. Only people attending long meetings — those over two hours — will get free coffee and tea.