Flickr question

Can someone help me figure out why this picture on my flickr account has been viewed so many times? As of this moment, it’s up to 167 views, which is a lot for one of my photos, especially one that I haven’t posted to any groups or blogs. Where are the views coming from?

Posted on February 15th, 2007 by Katxena

4 Comments a “Flickr question”

  1. Glen Engel-Cox says:

    Well, some of those views are going to be for folks that hit this entry and have to go view it because you linked to it and asked us to.

    My guess, however, is that the “fishing” or “bronze” keyword is popping this image up in google or in flickr more.

  2. Katxena says:

    Ha! Good point. I recorded above that the views were at 167 when I posted the message, which was unusual before all the additional views from this post. My only guess was that they were coming from searches as well.

  3. John says:

    It’s not in Explore, so I think Glen has it right.

  4. Katxena says:

    That’s what was weird — if it was in explore, I would have thought the views would be much higher than that. I think you guys are probably right. Thanks.