Madness, expanded

I haven’t felt much like blogging lately. Everything I think of to write about seems trite, boring, or useless. This happens to me occassionally. I’m sure I will snap out of it.

What I’ve been doing instead is ceaselessly crafting. I’ve embroidered bibs and pillowcases and artist trading cards and tea towels. I’ve knit dishclothes. I’ve won a champion ribbon at my county fair for a shawl I knit last year. I’ve been working on two quilts — one in the cutting stage, and one in the piecing stage. I’ve been frantically keeping my hands busy!

And speaking of quilting — I’m working on a quilt that will have 2,880 little squares in it. The pattern is called postage stamp, becuase it’s made out of postage stamp sized pieces. I want it to have at least 75 different fabrics in it — I’d be happier if it had 100 or even more fabrics. So if you have a little bit of 100% cotton fabric (at least 1.5×1.5 inches) you can spare, I’d gladly trade you something for it — fabric, handmade postcards, artist trading cards, even a handknit dishcloth (for a bigger piece) whatever we can work out. It could be quilt fabric, an old shirt, a bit of an old sheet, whatever — as long as it is 100% woven (not knit) cotton.

Update: Since posting this message I won an auction on e-Bay for 6 pounds of new quilting fabric scraps, ranging in size from 2×2 inches to 45×15 inches. In the pictures I conservatively counted 65 different fabrics, so there are probably many more. So suddenly I have a wealth of different fabrics rather than too few, and I really don’t need to trade anymore. Funny how fast things can change. Thanks very much to those who offered, or who were thinking of offering.

Posted on September 7th, 2006 by Katxena