Other times, not so much

Coloradans will vote on an amendement to their constitution [warning: invasive LA times registration required] this November that could be the beginning of something big.

Amendment 36 would allocate Colorado’s 9 electoral votes proportionally to the popular vote. This means that a candidate that won 2/3 of the popular vote would get 6 of the electoral votes, while a candidate that won 1/3 of the vote would get 3.

Proportional representation is the fairest method around of allocating votes of any sort to candidates. It allows for more diversity in representation, and empowers small groups of voters. PR ensures that everyone’s vote counts — not just the votes of those who favored the winner. PR allows elected representatives to focus on representing rather than winning.

In a modern nation, PR also allows for the emergence of natural interest groups, rather than forcing us to rely on meaningless geographically-defined interest groups — it made sense 200 years ago to think that neighbors had common interests, but for most people today that is no longer the case. I can’t even tell you what my neighbors look like.

I’m all for proportional representation, in Colorado and elsewhere.

Posted on August 17th, 2004 by Katxena