Tire PSA

I just had to buy new tires for my car — the old ones were in bad shape, even though they had a scant 40,000 miles on them. They were seriously cupping (bulging out on the inside edge) and were slipping on dry pavement*. I was beginning to worry about driving on them. I had to replace all four of them, but at least I hit a sale at Sears so the price wasn’t too steep.

So here’s a little information about how to take care of your tires:
Causes of tire wear from the Car Care Council (an industry organization)
Tire care tips from Canadian Driver
TLC for tires from Parts America

* And (for anyone who cares) my struts are fine. The problem resulted from faulty alignment, and unbalanced crappy tires.

Posted on January 7th, 2004 by Katxena