No Comment Needed

This is old news, but it was new to me: New Zealand’s ministry of public health has withdrawn a poster featuring a man breastfeeding a baby in an office (a picture of the poster is included in the article). The poster was part of New Zealand’s National Breastfeeding Week and was designed to suggest that breastfeeding might not be so controversial if men did it.

The poster model is Michael Hurst — that’s Iolaus to you Herc & Xena fans. I think the poster is powerful — it’s too bad that it was pulled.

Apparently, breastfeeding is controversial down under. Earlier this year, an Australian MP was evicted from parliament because she was breastfeeding during a session. The rule she was evicted under states that unelected people are not allowed in chamber. Legislatures around the world need to rethink certain antiquated rules that simply don’t work for working mothers.

Posted on August 7th, 2003 by Katxena