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The Tuesday election of the Rev. Gene Robinson as the first openly gay bishop in the worldwide Anglican Communion is just the tip of the iceberg. The Episcopal Church has been divided for decades between a more conservative, fundamentalist wing, and a more progressive, social justice wing — and the debate over a homosexual bishop is just the public face of that conflict. This debate will most likely continue to make headlines for a while, as Episcopalians debate a special “blessing” of same-sex unions.

Personally, I find the whole debate a bit silly — and I agree with Medley’s perspective on the issue:

I think the solution is to take government out of the ‘marriage’ business all together. Go to a courthouse, gay or straight, and what you get is a civil union (with all the attendant legal and political rights that traditional ‘marriage’ has bestowed up to this point). Want to get ‘married’? Go to a church and let the church decide who it allows to be ‘married’ in its faith.


Posted on August 6th, 2003 by Katxena

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  1. watrfae says:

    I think gov’t handling the ‘civil union’ part and churches, temples, houses of worship and crazy witches on the beaches handling the rest would be perfect!

    BTW… the Episcopalean churches in MD are really liberal… the local heirarchy is very gay friendly.

    That is of course why my paternal grandmother left ‘the church’ and we started attending ;)