An oldie but

I don’t usually read USAToday, so I missed this article when it was first published last week. But I think it is very important, so I’m posting it here anyway.

System Wastes Ph.D. Brainpower, by Laura Vanderkam, is about the mismatch between the number of Ph.D.’s produced by American universities and the jobs available to those Ph.D.’s. Most Ph.D. students I knew in grad school (myself among them) dreamed of landing a tenure-track position after graduation. We put up with low salaries, intellectual abuse of various sorts, the emotional gristmill of the seminar room — we put up with all of it, because we knew there’d be a payoff in the end.

But the chances of landing those positions are slim:

“The Modern Language Association counted only 431 tenure-track English jobs landed in 2001, compared with 977 English Ph.D.s granted. One 1999 study found that only 53% of students who received their English doctorates between 1983 and 1985 were tenured professors by 1995. A mere 8% were tenured professors at ‘Carnegie Research I institutions’

Posted on May 27th, 2003 by Katxena

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  1. Tom says:

    > Having escaped reality once, they don’t expect to encounter it again.

    Heh, I guess they took the Blue Pill and are still in the Matrix.