I’ve been wondering

For everyone who has been wondering what my favorite web-based random number generator is: it’s random.org. I use the site a lot for my work — and I’ve also used it to determine stripe sequences in knitting patterns. I’ve used published tables of random numbers, the random function of various statistical programs (like SAS or SPSS) and other web-based sites, and random.org is the easiest, most consistent and (as far as I’m concerned) most reliable source of random numbers out there.

The interface allows you to specify the number of random numbers needed, high and low boundaries, and both repeated and non-repeated draw options are available. The site also provides a lot of information about randomness and background on how the forms work. It’s a great site in terms of content and function, and the design is clean, simple and fast.

Posted on May 20th, 2003 by Katxena