Propaganda Wars

Have you ever wondered about those billboards and bus ads that scream “Pregnant? Scared? We can help”? I have.

In Choose Lies, Deb Barry, of the Orlando Weekly, examines the organizations behind the signs. The piece is both personal and investigative, documenting Barry’s own experience with a Crisis Pregnancy Center and the organizations behind such centers.

“Anti-abortion crusaders view crisis pregnancy centers as the underground railroad of the war on abortion. To fully understand that battle, one must be able to decipher its semantics. For instance, abortion-rights advocates use medical terminology to discuss fetal development, such as ‘fetus,’ ‘embryo’ or ‘zygote.’ The anti-abortion camp uses ‘baby,’ ‘little person’ or ‘unborn child.’ ”

“In keeping with the strategy of confusion and deception via word choice, CPCs use innocuous language in their advertising. ‘Pregnant? Let us help you!’ proclaims an ad for Center for Pregnancy. ‘Considering abortion? Your health and safety are important to us,’ says another ad for A Center for Women. Most centers advertise free pregnancy tests, which is often the most appealing lure for young and poor women.”

“And now CPCs are in line to collect state and federal monies… [through] President Bush’s Faith-Based and Community Initiatives… and some are even being invited into public schools to teach ‘abstinence only’ programs….”

The systematic lies and deceptions Barry chronicles in the article are stunning in their short-sightedness and stupidity. There are too many examples for me to pick out just one here — go read the article.

The thought that our government could soon be funding these chuckleheads as part of the faith-based initiative is a chillding example of why separation of church and state matters. I’m sick at the thought of how many women these organizations are hurting.

Posted on May 13th, 2003 by Katxena

2 Comments a “Propaganda Wars”

  1. watrfae says:

    I think we are sharing a brain today…I wrote about a similar topic.

  2. Elle says:

    Thanks for that link, Katxena. I thought I had a pretty good idea what CPCs were like, but the absence of reason and denial of evidence documented in Barry’s article is astounding.