The war and the attacks have had some curious and unexpected effects on relationships.Women’s Shelters are Empty (NYT, requires free registration. Link via News We Can Use). Shelters for victims of domestic violence are empty, as women go back to or stay with those who abuse them. There are two related factors: women want the support of a relationship (even a bad one), and the abusers are using the terrorist attacks to coerce women into staying in the relationship.Americans redefine relationships amid upheaval. Married people are seeking marriage counseling and calling off divorce proceedings, while single people are using matchmaking services and classified ads. The motivation is the same: a new appreciation of relationships and family. After 9-11, who is legally family?. After collecting so much money for the families of 9-11 victims, charities are facing a difficult question: what is family? Same-sex partners, cohabiting couples and illegal immigrants are finding it difficult to make claims against these funds. These people are mourning, and their loved ones were lost as part of a terrible national tragedy, but our short-sited definition of “family” is limiting their ability to recover. Surely we owe it to those who were killed in the attacks to take care of their families as they defined them.

PJ, you aren’t the only one who has problems with the name of Grover Soup. If have the same problem myself. Consequently, when I make this soup, I call it “Tarascan Soup” since it is based on a soup made by the Tarascan Indians. I can’t eat anything called Grover.

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Posted on October 23rd, 2001 by Katxena