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I was a high school freshman when Challenger exploded. I was sitting in my Biology class, mentally preparing myself for the ordeal of dissecting a fetal pig, when a friend of mine came in and told the class the space shuttle had blown up. I didn’t believe him.

Of course, I soon learned that he was right. In the time after, my young self was inspired to start a scrapbook (a low-tech weblog?) of articles about Challenger. I cut every article I could find out of the newspapers and magazines my parents read, and carefully pasted them onto the blank pages of a scrapbook I bought at the drugstore with money I had earned baby sitting.

I kept this up for months. As more and more revelations about the accident came out, I dutifully stashed them. I even collected articles on the one year anniversary of the accident, the final reports of the investigation, and a photo I took a couple of years later of the monument in Arlington National Cemetery commemorating the astronauts.

In light of recent events, I pulled out this scrapbook and looked through it with my husband. One of the last things I glued into that scrapbook was a political cartoon clipped from my then-local newspaper. I’d like to scan it and post it here, but I don’t want to violate the copyright, so instead I’ll describe it for you.

The sun is up, and a dusty road extends to the horizon. A wagon without horses rolls along. On the side of the wagon are the words “Westward Expansion.” The caption reads “Stunned by the deaths of early explorers, the United States continued exploring the West through a series of unmanned Conestoga probe vehicles.”


Posted on February 4th, 2003 by Katxena