Good stuff

I’m taking the lazy (and busy) person’s way out this morning. I’m posting stolen links, mainly so that I won’t lose or forget them:Newsweek’s list of books relevant to Sept. 11 (via Now This). I think I need to visit the library before my trip to LA next week — there is a lot of good stuff on this list.Preserve your rights online — act now (via Brain Log). An excellent assessment of why it is important for those of us who care about privacy to take action to protect privacy now.A USA Today article about El Al’s security (via Overlawyered).The ACLU’s statement on national ID cards (via KIP).One link that I found all by myself: National Review Cans Coulter. National Review Online Editor Jonah Goldberg said: “We didn’t feel we wanted to be associated with the comments expressed in those two columns.” Whew. She’s too wacko for the right-wing-wackos!

Posted on October 3rd, 2001 by Katxena