Again with the posting

Salt Lake Street Fight [from the Washington Post] details a conflict between the city of Salt Lake and the Mormon Church. In this case, the conflict is over First Amendment rights in a public square, one that the church owns but for which the city maintains an easement. However, the article examines some of the history of similar conflicts. It’s a fascinating read.

“Under an ‘easement’ retained by the city, public access to the block was still permitted, but only for those who obeyed church rules on dress, conduct and expression. Among other things, the church disallowed proselytizing for any faith but its own.”

” ‘You gave away part of Main Street!’ civic activist Samantha Francis complained to the City Council at a noisy, emotional public hearing last week. ‘And you gave away our constitutional rights with it! No other city could possibly do that.’ ”

Posted on December 23rd, 2002 by Katxena