RN Airport

National Airport (I refuse to call it by that other name) is scheduled to re-open on Thursday. The Washington Post has some information about the new security measures:

• Implementing the federal air marshals program for National Airport air traffic.

• Limiting passengers carry-on baggage to one bag plus one personal item (a purse or briefcase).

• Random hand-wanding of passengers at the gate.

• Identification check and boarding pass match as passengers board airplanes.

• Departures to Reagan National from approved cities allowed only from pre-designated, specially secured gates.

• Expanded police and canine patrols of the secure areas.

• Enhanced scrutiny of vehicles and employees that enter the air operations area.

• Flight crews dedicated to Reagan National only, with mandatory pre-flight screening of crews.

• Requiring straight-line flight approaches and departures, temporarily discontinuing the “river visual approach” used to mitigate noise.

• Reagan National will implement a public security awareness program.

These measures would not have prevented the September 11 attack. However, in light of those attacks, a few of these measures make sense (the straight-line approaches & departures and the air marshals), and others should be implemented at all airports (higher security requirements for people with access to the airplanes). The others are nonsense, designed, I suspect, to make people feel better, not with any real goal in mind.

Posted without comment: Strom Thurmond collapsed on the Senate floor this morning.

There is something fundamentally wrong with an organic trade show (link is to a .pdf document). To my mind, one thing that makes organic food appealing is the lower cost of transportation from farm to table. Of course, I’m aware that this hits at the heart of current controversies around use of the term organic and whether organic simply refers to a way of growing/raising food, or whether it also applies to a way of eating. In my little world (population: 1) it refers to a way of eating and thinking about food. And there are no organic trade shows on my planet.

Posted on October 2nd, 2001 by Katxena