Words in The Scar

I recently finished reading The Scar by China MiĆ©ville. I like his writing, but can only tolerate it in small doses, so I don’t read his books often. One thing I enjoying about his style is the thick layering of words — sometimes the words are archaic, but more often he relies on older or lessor known definitions to make a point. Here’s a list of words I looked up while reading the book: thronged, cosseted, brachiating, murrains, acetabulum, ilium, coracles, biltong, eructation, integument, cuirasses, greaves, vambraces, marl, binnacle, juddering, puissance, sponson, chitin, etiolated, bathetic, moiled, milliards, benthic, effluvium.

I recommend the book — it was a nice addition to MiĆ©ville’s world.

Posted on August 27th, 2012 by Katxena