A Netflix of Books

Amazon is reportedly in talks with publishers to create a Netflix of books, where you can pay a monthly fee and have access to a certain number of books (some reports suggest you would have acces to certain books, like a book club).

I used to say that I wouldn’t read eBooks until there was a Netflix or Rhapsody of eBooks (I’d still prefer a Rhapsody of books — a flat monthly fee to read all I want? I read fast, so sign me up!).  Then I was given a Kindle as a gift, and I’ve given up dead tree books almost entirely. I find reading on my Kindle to be almost completely frictionless.  I read much more, and much more frequently, than ever before.

But I’d still love to have a service that would allow me to borrow books for a lower fee than I currently “buy” them from Amazon — especially since I’m licensing them anyway, and I rarely read a book more than once.

Posted on September 13th, 2011 by Katxena