Evernote for iPhone 4.0

I recently downloaded the new Evernote app for iPhone (4.0).  In general, I like it — and it addresses most of what I thought it was lacking before.  However, I still have the following problems using it:

  • You still can’t edit photo notes on the iPhone.  I’d really like to be able to re-size and crop a photo (I don’t need any other editing functions) and to easily add text to a note with a photo.  Instead, I have to sync it to my laptop and edit the note in the full Windows Evernote program.  Which is annoying, since a lot of times I’ll forget why I took the picture by the time I do all that.
  • I adore the way you can now review all the notes by looking at the thumbnail pictures.  This is a fantastic addition to the app that makes it much more useful.  If I’ve put a photo in a note, I probably will recall it by a visual cue more readily than by a keyword.  The problem is with notes I’ve created on my computer using the “add to Evernote” browser button or by hitting Windows-a.  I often get lots of stray pictures in those notes — background images, advertisements, etc.  I try to edit them out, but often it’s impossible to do so, especially with background images.  I end up having to start a new note, copy the bits I want to keep into it, then delete the old note.  I’m lazy about doing this, so I end up with notes that have many stray pictures in them, which makes the new thumbnail pictures much less useful.
  • This is related to the second point, but is really a distinct problem.  Can we please, please, please have the option to create plain text notes?  Sometimes, I just want to create a text-only note with not one single spec of formatting.  I understand why Evernote would not want this to be the default setting, since the formatting notes are much nicer to look at and use, and Evernote is nothing if not slick.  But I find that I yearn for the ability to just type words.  Let’s say I’m storing boilerplate or sample code that I want to be able to cut and paste into different documents — in those cases, formatting is extremely problematic and decreases Evernote’s utility.  This issue is not unique to the iPhone app — it cuts across all platforms.

Posted on March 10th, 2011 by Katxena