Prayerful movie

I love documentaries.  Stories about people doing things?  Sign me up.  I especially love documentaries about small groups of people engaged in an unusual pursuit.  I watch a LOT of documentaries.

Audience of One is from a few years back — it’s the story of a church/film studio making a movie about Joseph (the one with all the brothers) set in the future. With robots. The movie is ostensibly being made for God — hence the title of the documentary — by a paranoid pastor/director with a vision. The crew prays about every decision, from who to cast to what technology to use (ever heard of 65 millimeter film?), and the set has higher security than most banks. The pastor, Richard Gazowsky, is equal parts megalomanic, true believer, studio executive, prophet, and visionary. No matter what hardships the church encounters, they keep the faith and keep trying to make their movie. Even after their electricity gets cut off because they couldn’t pay their bills.

I suspect the documentary filmmakers were going for a sweetly quirky story about these earnest believers, but by the end it felt like a portrait of one of those cults that end in mass suicide.  I recommend the movie.

Posted on December 21st, 2010 by Katxena