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I love Christmas music.  I don’t love that stores start playing it the day after Labor Day, but between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, Christmas music is a huge source of joy and comfort for me.  I sing along to the radio in my car, the muzak in stores, and whatever’s on my iPod.  I’m addicted to Amazon’s free Christmas music downloads.  Last night I bought the Rat Pack Christmas album — ring-a-ding-ding!!

But this year, the Christmas music that’s making me happiest is old.  When I was a kid, there were a few rituals I looked forward to every year — my advent calendar, decorating the Christmas tree, and my special Christmas record — Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, by the Peppermint Kandy Kids (otherwise known as the Peter Pan Records Studio).  I had — and still have — every word of every song memorized. My mom kept the record in the box with the Christmas ornaments, and it was a big deal when we got it out.  I suspect she did this to keep me from listening to it year round, but for me, this just made it more special.

The songs tell the story of Rudolph’s Christmas Party.  He invites everyone in the world to his party, except for a Moose called Morris.  Morris is really sad about not being invited — his song is my favorite. There’s also a pair of penguins who are really excited about the party, a Polar Bear named Roly Poly, and a perfectly ridiculous version of All I Want for Christmas.  That last one doesn’t really fit in the story line, but whatever.  The songs are sweet, fun and non-commercial.  They aren’t really selling anything but themselves — there’s no licensed or branded characters, no toys to buy, no treats to eat.  They’re just songs.

I haven’t listened to this album in years, because it’s vinyl and I don’t have a turntable.  This year, a friend of mine (who is welcome to out himself in the comments) did me the HUGE favor of ripping this record to mp3 for me.  I’m so excited to have this album back in my life.  The songs make me really happy, and although I haven’t yet given up the rest of my holiday music collection, I seem to always listen to these songs first.  And last.  And sometimes in between.

And although my husband is threatening to pack my iPod away with the Christmas ornaments, I couldn’t be happier!

Posted on December 7th, 2010 by Katxena

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  1. genehack says:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the album (and continued apologies to the husband… 8^> )