Yaz, TSA and Law

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This is a health inspired link round-up.

First is a public service announcement for the female portion of my readers:  don’t take Yaz.  Just don’t.  This was my birth control pill of choice for many years, and I now consider myself extremely lucky to have survived it.  I won’t bore you with my personal experience with it.  Instead, read this post at Society for Menstrual Cycle Research summarizing Yaz’s past and future problems.

Next up is Medley’s reaction to the new TSA security background scatter machines.  She takes a persuasive public health perspective and outlines her reaction to the machines politically and personally.

And finally, an interview with Victoria Law, a prison activist focused on the criminalization of women who resist gender violence.  She discusses how concern for gender violence has been marginalized within the women’s movement AND within mainstream society.

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Posted on November 19th, 2010 by Katxena