Bell Choir

I just got home from a bell choir rehearsal. We are preparing for a concert that will be at my church on October 24 (at 7pm! You should come!). The music is a very cool assortment of gospel and patriotic music, including some really fun pieces that are rarely heard on hand bells, like Dry Bones and This Land is Your Land.

Today’s rehearsal was a sectional — we rehearsed with 5 people, covering just over an octave of bells (we have a 3 octave choir), and focused just on the parts that were difficult for us. It was a really good, focused, and useful rehearsal.

I am heading up our publicity efforts for the conert. I’ve mailed sent fliers to about 90 local churches, I’ve posted announcements on community websites, and I’ve posted on Craig’s List. I’m about to send e-mail messages to several dozen churches, and to about 10 directors of music. Someone else has sent fliers directly to other area bell choirs, and yet another person is putting an ad in the local paper. Next week I’ll put up fliers at local grocery stores and Panera restaurants, and I’ll post a fresh CL announcement.

I’ve been struck by the mix of dead tree publicity and electronic publicity I’ve come up with. I hope that I’m reaching different people via the different channels, but of course I won’t really know that. It will be interesting to see how many people come to the concert.

Posted on October 10th, 2009 by Katxena