Reasons to not eat out #1

I have been cooking at home a lot lately, which is quite a change from my recent past. There are many reasons for this, including my ever-expanding garden, my obsession with Michael Pollan, some health issues, time and the need to save a bit of money.

But it’s not always easy. Eating out is fun. It can be romantic, educational, interesting, adventurous, entertaining, social and convenient. And it always seems like it will be faster than eating at home, although it never, ever is.

So, in a blatant rip-off of one of my new favorite blogs, Not Eating Out in New York, I thought I’d start an occasional series of “reasons to not eat out”. These are as much to reinforce my new-found enthusiasm for home-cooked meals as for anything else.

#1 is: It almost always takes longer than cooking at home, unless you are eating fast food, which doesn’t really count as either eating or food, so I’m ignoring it. There’s transit time to the restaurant, wait time for a table, wait time to get your food, the time it takes to eat, wait time for the check, and transit time home. And that doesn’t take into account drinks before or after dinner, or the occasional dessert.

At home, you have to spend time prepping ingredients, cooking, eating, and clean-up, all of which can be done in a pleasant environment with friends, loved-ones and pets. There’s no transit time and no waiting. Even if you add in grocery-shopping time, it’s still faster to eat at home.

So there you are — #1 in an occasional series.

Posted on March 26th, 2009 by Katxena