Terror by example

I can’t say that I’ve paid all that much attention to the California budget crises. I’ve read the occasional news article when I came across it and read the occasional rant on Hullabaloo when I happened to see it. I’ve even dealt with the fallout a bit in my job, because we have a contract with the state. But beyond that, I haven’t watched too carefully, in part because it’s simply too awful to contemplate the way the state’s Republican minority has obstinately refused to compromise with the Democratic leadership.

I think I need to start paying attention though, in light of the Republicans rejection of the Federal stimulus bill. It seems that they are taking a page from the California playbook, where the Republicans have dug in their heels and refused to vote for anything but tax cuts. They won’t abide tax increases or deficit spending. It’s like someone handed us a crystal ball in which we can see what the national Republicans are likely to spend the next four years doing, and I intend to gaze into it through Calitics, California Progress Report and California Majority Report, among others. Won’t you join me?

Posted on February 18th, 2009 by Katxena