Class warfare and stupidity

GM just put a new car plant on hold. It’s not just any plant — it’s the Flint, Michigan plant where the new plug-in electric Chevy Volt will be built. While Detroit management has been unquestionably short-sighted about energy efficient cars, Washington is also culpable for short-sighted CAFE standards — and now the future of the American car industry, the one hope that GM had for thriving after we get ourselves out of the muck, is in jeopardy. And not just that, the Volt and other cars modeled after it represents the main hope of the American manufacturing sector to survive in the 21st century. For the extreme right-wing in congress to jeopardize that future just to bust the UAW is symptomatic of their sick dependence on ideology instead of reality.

At the same time that we are leaving our car industry on the side of the road bleeding and ignoring its cries for a sip of water, we are allowing Goldman Sachs Group Inc, who got $10 billion from the TARP to get away with tax evasion on a massive scale, effectively paying only 1% in taxes (down from 34% last year). There is no possible moral justification for giving money to a white collar company that is stealing from us while withhold money from a blue collar company that got caught by a financial meltdown not of its design in the middle of an important product-line transition. This is class warfare at its most stupid.

Posted on December 19th, 2008 by Katxena

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