Chevy Volt Pictures

I would not ordinarily be monitoring the production of a movie like Transformers 2. Much to my disappointment, I did see the first Transformers movie, and I have no intention of seeing the second.

However, thanks to Chevrolet’s product placement deal with Transformers, I suspected that production of Transformers 2 might result in leaked pictures of the Chevrolet Volt, Chevy’s answer to the Toyota Prius.

What makes the Volt different from the Prius is that it will be a plug-in electric car with a gasoline-powered combustion engine that charges the electric batteries. The gas engine never powers the wheels, unlike the Prius, which is sometimes powered by the batteries and sometimes by the gas engine. In theory, the Volt will go 40 miles on a charge and will automatically turn on the gas engine when the charge runs down, recharging the batteries. This could have a drastic impact on gas millage, since most people drive less than 40 miles per day.

The car will be released in 2010, and I’ve been keeping an eye on various leaks associated with it because if it works as planned it’s potentially revolutionary.

All of which brings us back to Transformers 2. I suspected the Volt would make an appearance in the movie, and it looks like I was right. See pictures here. It’s got a much more conventional look than previous photos released by Chevy suggested. A leak unrelated to the movie shows an interesting view of the interior.

The car’s looks don’t wow me, which is ok, because I’m not a wow car kinda’ girl. If I could get millage in the range of 100 miles per gallon (or more, the projections depend on one’s average trip length), I’d drive the ugliest car around.

Posted on August 29th, 2008 by Katxena