I am obsessed with eye make-up, especially mascara. This tends to surprise people, because I don’t look like someone who is obsessed with eye make-up. I am blond, and I have fair skin — my eyes are English blue-bordering-on-gray, and my eyelashes and eyebrows are also blond, so all in all my face is an extremely pale canvas. I’m not comfortable leaving my house without at least mascara on, to create some definition around my eyes — otherwise, I look like I have no eyelashes at all, which is creepy.

I’ve been playing with my eye make-up a lot lately, and I just found an eye shadow tutorial that I wanted to share: Idiot-Proof Eyes. It’s a hands-on explanation of how to apply “natural” looking eye make-up, with pictures, put together by a real person writing about her own experiences. It’s fantastically helpful. I appreciate that it’s not written by some industry product designer or marketer, and that it has realistic, helpful step-by-step photos. I followed about half her directions this morning, and the results are amazing.

This weekend, I’ll be trying out false eyelashes. Look out, world!

Posted on August 1st, 2008 by Katxena