How does my garden grow?

I’ve been busy working in the garden for the last few days. I’ve planted a lot of transplants and seeds. Here’s a list of the transplants I’ve planted so far:

I bought 6 tomato transplants from a local CSA to which my husband and I used to subscribe. The varieties are:
Brandywine (an heirloom)
Early Girl (a hybrid that fruits early)
Sun Gold (a pretty orange cherry tomato)
Debaro Plum (a rare Russian purple tomato)
Unknown Plum (the label says “BL Plum”)
Unknown (the label says “Yellow Perfect”)

I planted 3 pepper plants.
Jalepeno (a hybrid from a nursery)
Emerald Giant Bell (a hybrid from a nursery)
Purple Beauty Bell (a hybrid)

I planted 7 herb plants.
Lemon Thyme (2)
Minette Basil
Purple Sage
Tricolor Sage
Genovese Basil (2)

Two market packs of marigolds to protect the tomatoes from pests
1 “silver falls” dichondra

I’ve also planted quite a few seeds. Including the seeds I planted last week, I have so far planted the following (asterisks indicate crops that I am succession planting, so I’ll be planting even more of these over the next few weeks):

Early White Vienna Kholrabi* (2)
Bull’s Blood Beets* (4)
Cosmic Purple Carrots* (4) — I have a soft spot for purple veggies
Nutri-red carrots (8)
Cherry Bell Radishes* (8)
French Breakfast Radishes* (8)
Oriole Chard (2)
Vulcan Chard (2)
Lemon Squash (1)
Catnip (several)
Chives (several)
Nasturtiums (2)

And still to come Tomorrow I will finish planting a few more seeds.
Cylindra Beets* (4)
Early Purple Vienna Kohlrabi* (2)
New Zealand Spinach (1)

And finally, I’m still trying to get my hands on some purple bush bean seeds — those are the last seeds I need for my summer planting. But I may have to settle for green ones.

Posted on May 24th, 2008 by Katxena