Things I hate, an ongoing series

I really, really hate the Christmas-ization of other holidays. Since when did anyone need Valentine’s Day garland? or Saint Patrick’s Day lights? or a Halloween Tree?

It’s not that I object to decorating for these holidays — I love a jack o’ latern just as much as the next person. It’s the adaptation of traditional Christmas decorations for these holidays that bugs. It feels like all these holidays are being homogenized into one continuous long holiday — a longliday — from Valentine’s to Easter to Memorial Day to Mother’s Day to Father’s Day to Labor Day to Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas and back to Valentine’s. The decorations vary only slightly in color and not at all in type, none of it is special, and eventually it all becomes background noise and work rather than festive and fun.

No wonder Americans need such big houses with 3 and 4 car garages — we’ve got to have space to store all our decorations!!

Posted on January 8th, 2008 by Katxena