Crafting 365, Day 1

I decided to try the Crafting 365 challenge on Flickr. The idea is that you craft a little bit each day, snap a picture and post it to the Crafting 365 group pool. I tend to be a bit manic when it comes to my art and craft projects, and I need to learn to do less more often. I’m hoping this project can help me with that — and with my still life photo skills.

Here’s day 1, a bit of crocheting:
Day 1

My knitting group (which I no longer attend regularly) made these squares a while ago, but they were never joined into a blanket. I picked out a bunch of squares that are rose, tan, and burgundy (some are a combination of those colors) and I’m edging them in ecru, and will eventually join them and donate the afghan to a charity.

Posted on January 1st, 2008 by Katxena