So I have this piece of linen. It’s not the kind of linen you wear, or the kind of linen you dry dishes with. It’s even-weave linen, designed for needlework. I bought it off a sale table at a needlework store a few months ago, thinking I’d use it for a top-secret embroidery project that can’t be mentioned here. However, it’s too small for that project.

So now I have a piece of linen with no purpose.

It’s about 25 inches square, and it’s a pretty, natural-looking peachy color. What I’d like to do it tape it to my table and freehand a geometric doodle on it with a pencil, then embroider that and make a pillow for my couch out of it. But it’s such a pretty piece of linen, I’m afraid. I’m afraid my doodle will look silly or that my embroidery will be wonky or that I’ll mess up the pillow. Worry, worry, worry. All these fears are keeping me from taking my pencil and moving forward with this project. This is unfortunately common with me — I end up not starting something because I’m afraid I will mess it up.

Posted on December 13th, 2007 by Katxena