Fusion wisdom

There’s a restaurant near my office that I have sushi at a couple of times a month. Five years ago I wouldn’t have eaten sushi on a bet, but now I frequently crave it. Go figure.

The restaurant serves a variety of Asian food — they make a few Japanese, Korean and Mandarin Chinese dishes. And you get a fortune cookie with your sushi. This makes it somewhat disappointing if you want, say Chinese food because the Chinese choices are necessarily limited since they are just a portion of the offerings

The sushi lunch special is good, reasonably priced, and just the right size — not too big, not too small. And the restaurant has the coolest chopsticks. The chopsticks themselves are just like any other freebie restaurant chopsticks, but the wrapper is a deep purple-red, and it says “Happiness, Longevity, Health, Peace” in English and (presumably) in some kind of Asian characters. They make me happy whenever I see them, because right there in my hand are all my wishes for a happy life. I have one of the wrappers stuck up on my bulletin board at work to help me put things in perspective.

Happiness, Longevity, Health, Peace. How hard can that be?

Posted on November 8th, 2007 by Katxena

2 Comments a “Fusion wisdom”

  1. genehack says:

    Are you talking about Taipei Tokyo, or is there another Asian fusion joint in the region we should know about? 8^)=

  2. Katxena says:

    That’s the one. I didn’t mention it by name, because I can’t give it a ringing endorsement. It’s just close to my office, reasonably priced and has pretty chopstick wrappers! :)