A vortex of bad house energy

My house leaks.

When we bought this house, there was an odd spot on the ceiling. The house was very dirty when we moved in, as the previous occupant smoked a lot — the carpet, windows, walls and ceilings were stained with tobacco smoke (don’t worry, we cleaned it very well before moving in). But this one spot on the ceiling was troubling, since it was right under the upstairs bathroom. My husband, sister-in-law, real estate agent, and home inspector all agreed that it was just another tobacco stain, and not a water mark.

Unfortunately, we have had persistent water problems in that spot. First it was a pinhole leak (the 2nd of 3 we’ve had since moving in). That led us to have the pipes in the house replaced, because fixing all these pinhole leaks was adding up. I’m glad we did that. But now it appears that the roof leaks too, because we still have a leak in that spot. We had a plumber come out and give the place the once-over, and despite looking very carefully at everything, he could not find a leak in the plumbing anywhere (and neither could I). So now we have to bring in roofers. I just want a house that doesn’t leak — is that so much to ask for?

The memory of that stain on the ceiling plagues me.

Posted on November 6th, 2007 by Katxena